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Looking for phone or computer repair in Greensboro? Triad Phone Repair offers fast, affordable repair services for smartphones, tablets, computers, and even game consoles. Not every issue can be fixed. But if it's possible, we can do it. If it isn't, we'll let you know the truth without wasting your time. Most cellphone and tablet repairs can be completed within one hour. Other issues may take longer, depending on the availability of replacement parts. Whatever the situation, Triad Phone Repair offers honest answers and fair pricing.

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Cell Phone Repair

Are you having problems with your smartphone or tablet and need a competent, fast cell phone repair service? Maybe you've dropped it and the screen cracked or it's not charging properly. If you're anywhere in the Triad, meeting with one of our repair technicians can help you get your device back in working order. Triad Phone Repair offers a variety of services to ensure your device remains functional. Our techs can fix or replace your screen or case, repair common charging issues, fix volume or light control functions, and much more.

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Contact us for your cell phone repair to schedule an appointment, do the necessary repairs, and have it ready for you within 24 hours. In some cases, a Triad Phone Repair technician may be able to diagnose your device's issue and fix it on the spot.